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Hello. I am Kristin Holzer, a graphic designer and illustrator from North Jersey.

I grew up at the Jersey Shore and from a young age was always very active in the visual arts. I first attended Georgian Court University and later transfered to Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Having received my BFA in Visual Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design, I graduated summa cum laude with high honors throughout my whole academic experience.

Within my work, I am constantly battling my inner perfectionist to try to cut loose from the dull and static. I equally appreciate grungy gritty texture as much as clean crisp line and open space and frequently marry the two ideas in one design or piece. I try to break the rules and boundaries without distracting from the ulterior motive of the design. I work meticulous, scanning every detail and picking at everything that bugs me until it works.

Most of my inspiration comes from the natural world, videogame design, and music. I am greatly influenced by the works of Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Joel-Peter Witkin and the Art Nouveau style.

I am currently the go-to freelance designer for writer/director Ian J. Keeney at Go Filmingo Film. I've also been doing t-shirt designs and logos for local bands. I hope to someday work fulltime to enhance my knowledge within my career and continually improve my portfolio.

In my personal life, I enjoy biology, Halloween, cats, camping, and spending time with my pet bearded dragon, Ichabod.


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