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  A Better Tomorrow | book cover design
  LoHo Advertisements | editorial style advertisements for Loop'd & Hoop'd's Pinterest and Twitter

  Cold Blue Eternal | independent film premiere flyer and banner
  Wheel of Change Management | brochure for the New York Public Library

  The Great American Revue | gallery captions for exhibition at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center

  Ophidius | Band logo

  A Thousand Pieces | book cover illustration and design


The Secret | DVD case / presskit design

  Dystrophy - Chains of Hypocrisy | album design and illustrations

  FMS | logo design

  Go Filmingo Film | logo design

  Mad Max | gag gift coupon

  NYC Horror Film Festival | poster series

  Andy Warhol Machine | advertisement

  Recyclemania | advertisement and logo design

  Cyber-Neologoliferation | chapbook design

  Cyber-Neologoliferation II | chapbook design

  Psychedelic Euphoria | exhibition design

  Chameleonopolis | illustrated book

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